Water is life to our nation, our people, our industries, and our agriculture.

As South Africa is an arid country, we need to find innovative approaches to water management not only to safeguard but also to supplement our valuable water resources for the future.


In this endeavour, Advance Call strives to solve various complex challenges related to water supply and sanitation in collaboration with several specialists in the water sector.

Umfula Consort

Umfula Consort ( is a multidisciplinary service provider, founded specifically to address the needs of the water sector.

We have an extended network of partners, enabling us to solve problems from a multitude of perspectives that is beyond the capability of most individual companies.

Umfula specialises in the upgrading and operation of smaller clean-water and waste-water installations.

Local staff are carefully trained in their duties, and Advance Call provides remote monitoring to ensure that the required assets are maintained. Poorly maintained facilities are transformed by Umfula’s interventions.


SafeWaterAfrica ( focuses on a major challenge in Africa, namely, that 108 million people in 15 sub-Saharan countries have limited or even no access to clean water.

Ten transdisciplinary partners from Europe and Africa work jointly over a project duration of 42 months to research and develop an autonomous and decentralised water treatment system for rural and peri-urban areas.

The joint European-African development aims to produce a low-cost solution that is easy to handle and operate. The system is being designed for operation by local staff, local communities or local water service providers.

Advance Call designed and developed a Remote Monitoring System that displays readings for water quality, hydraulic and electronic data. A live view page within the Remote Monitoring System displays the most recent readings received from site. These readings are colour coded and display as green when within the user defined range or red when outside said range.

Users are also able to set notifications which trigger email, SMS and/or display messages on the Remote Monitoring System whenever the specified parameter reading is outside of the defined range.

Advance Call Blue and Green Drop

The Advance Call Blue and Green Drop Administration service enables local and district municipalities and water boards to comply with the Blue and Green Drop incentive-based regulation mandate of the Department of Water Affairs.

Advance Call assists such entities to comply with the mandate by ensuring that the following information is documented and communicated continuously

  • operational monitoring results
  • compliance monitoring results
  • water/wastewater quality results
  • daily treatment capacity.

The Blue and Green Drop Administration includes access to a dedicated failure response management system and asset management service.

Failure Response Management ensures that the necessary processes are in place to enable the correct information to be collected regularly, which facilitates reports that comply fully with Blue and Green Drop requirements.

Blue and Green Drop Administration ensures that proof of documented and implemented water/wastewater incident management is in place and takes place at the treatment works. This is achieved by training of clients and site staff to report all sewer spillage incidents to Advance Call, where the incidents are registered, prioritised, and resolved immediately.

Water/wastewater quality failures also follow a registration, prioritisation, and resolution process when the Blue and Green Drop Administration service identifies water quality tests that do not conform to the specifications.

Asset Management assumes responsibility on behalf of the client for all water/wastewater assets. The Advance Call team ensures that there is proof of all technical audit, assessment and inspection reports, and that the findings, implementation plan, and actionable evidence thereof are recorded and stored for safe keeping.

The collection and curating of this information enable the team to prepare the required annual audit reports that are submitted to the Department of Water Affairs, and to manage the collection system, treatment, infrastructure, and process control at each treatment facility.

Blue and Green Drop Administration compiles, manages, and controls the asset register of the treatment works, ensuring the register is updated when infrastructure is replaced, procured, or upgraded. The Advance Call team assists the client to draft an operations and maintenance budget and conduct an analysis of expenditure for water/wastewater treatment and for the collection system of the works.

Furthermore, proof of maintenance work conducted on mechanical, electrical, and civil installations per pump station is maintained by the Blue and Green Drop Administration service, enabling client compliance with all legislative requirements.

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